Monday, September 28

The Start of Something New

Will started ABA today. He will go twice a week for the time being, and hopefully soon I will be getting some help in setting up our home program.

We're ready for this. Our whole family is ready for this. He's a smart kid, but we're worn out from trying to address his behaviors and from trying to get him to show what he knows.

I've been reading some interesting research that shows the Lovaas Institute recommends 40 hours per week of ABA for kids with autism. Holy moly. I'm curious if anyone else out there has more information to follow up on that.

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  1. We never did a full 40 hour a week ABA program. Doesn't really fit with our lifestyle and Kayla doesn't really have any behaviors to warrant it. So we went with 10 hours a week of discrete trials to teach her to be more compliant. For Kayla, ABA didn't really work well for her -- we could never find an appropriate reinforcer for her after three years of ABA. We've switched to a school that is more Floortime based and she's responding better to that. Of course, every kid is different! I hope Will thrives with the ABA.