Friday, September 25

Patience, the missing virtue

When I mention that I teach special ed or that I have a son with special needs, people frequently comment that I "must be really patient."

Oh, if only they knew.

I was thinking about this today as Will is beginning an ABA program on Monday. Because of some things we've done with him in the past, I know he responds really well to this method. I believe this is going to help us reduce Will's problem behaviors, get him potty trained, and teach him skills that don't come naturally for him.

So, typical of my personality, I want to start. NOW.

To give you another example, my husband and I talked yesterday about Will's sleep and school. I was so frustrated yesterday that I was ready to call the naturopath who has given Will his supplements for sleep and ask her to pull him off of them. NOW. We decided to give it a week. Last night, Will slept remarkably.

I went into special ed because I wanted to work with kids that others found challenging. I continue to work with them because I want to make a difference for their parents, even more so than the kids. To show them someone believes in their child. Someone cares.

As far as my own family is concerned, I have a secret. I lose my patience. A lot.

I'm just a girl. A girl who was given a child with a little something extra. Because of that something extra, I'm passionate.

But I'm not patient.


  1. I believe that passionate will get you far and sometimes even allow you to be patient. Hang in there.

  2. You REALLY need to write that book! You have a gift of words.