Tuesday, September 1

IKEA swings

Did you know that IKEA has swings? I checked their website, and unfortunately, the one I'm seriously considering (pictured above - EKORRE line) isn't available online. But of course, it's there on ebay, and pretty similar price for anyone that's interested. Really reasonable considering what places charge for sensory swings. This one is less than $50 with both parts. You can buy it without the inflatable piece at the store and then it is between $30-40.

We have two sensory swings in our basement, but I'd love to have one outside for when Will gets tired or overloaded and starts doing things he shouldn't be.

1 comment:

  1. we have this swing for peyton and she loves it. in our IKEA's it is only $30 for the whole thing including the air part.

    Love this swing.