Wednesday, September 9

Thank you, Lord, for giving me coffee.

This morning I had an appointment to meet with one of the directors of an ABA school nearby. (ABA = Applied Behavior Analysis, often used with kids on the autism spectrum) I thought, for some reason, that our appointment was at 9:15. You know, so I could get my two older kids on the bus and then skip off to the appointment? At 7:40 this morning I double checked my email...just in case...and discovered it was actually 8:30 that I was supposed to be there.

(Seriously? It takes about 25 min in traffic to get there.)

We made it, luckily. The place is awesome, and I think just what Will needs. Now his dad and I need to decide in what capacity we are going to utilize the services. As a kindergarten classroom next year? Just for after school programming, starting now?

To pursue the school day program, he must have an autism diagnosis. He does not. I believe one fits. He's not classic, but certainly can be placed on the spectrum in my opinion. Interesting how things play out in life.

Before I had Caroline, I prayed that my children would be healthy. I saw what parents of kids with special needs went through as a special ed teacher. Then I had Will.

When I had Will and he was diagnosed with the chromosome abnormality, I prayed....please Lord, I can handle a lot of things. But please let him be social. Please let him not fall on the autism spectrum. Well, he struggles with social skills and (after years of fighting it) can probably fit on the spectrum.

Sometimes I think God chuckles at my prayers. (You silly, "type A" kind of girl...don't you know that you can't plan your entire life? That it isn't in your control, but in Mine instead?)

So, this morning, I prayed at the coffee shop nearby as Norah devoured a blueberry muffin and said hi to everyone who passed. I thanked Him for friends who jump in to bail me out as I screw up appointment times; I thanked Him for Will and my other two kids and for their health. I thanked Him for good family who support us as well as for leading me to places like the one I saw this morning.

And then, to finish up, I thanked Him for coffee. Because surely that kind of goodness comes only from heaven above.


  1. Wow can I so relate to your feelings. When Koty had health issues as a baby I said okay, health issues I can handle but please no developmental issues. Then the development issues started shwoing themselves. Ok, I can handle this just please, whatever we have to deal with, please don't let it be autism. And here we are today. I've had to learn to stop saying "just please not" and accept what is. Sure as heck not easy but I'm trying.

    I hope the ABA place does fabulous things for Will like it did for Blade. Our little ones do have so much potential if we can just get them to harness it. At least that's what I keep telling myself about Koters.

  2. I'm sure you can find a medical professional who can give a diagnosis for services. How sad is that? I had a psychologist give my daughter a PDD-NOS dx so she could get services. I swear though that pretty much anyone can get a PDD-NOS diagnosis!

  3. So true. It's not our plans at all, but can be so much better than we think. I'm glad the place sounds like a good place.

  4. Every time I read your blog I come away uplifted and inspired. Not only are you blessed to have your children, your children are blessed to have you and Jim as parents. I feel incredibly lucky (well, yes, and blessed) to have met you and shared some incredible experiences in Vietnam. Keep on inspiring!