Tuesday, June 2

Blog Talk Tuesday: Summer Shoes

Is duct taping shoes to a child's feet considered abuse? Just curious.

Will was pretty clear that he did not like the pair of shoes that I bought for him to play in...you know, some that can get wet and muddy and be cleaned easily. (We also bought a nice pair of brown sandals that he's fine with.) He ended up taking them off last night and throwing them to the dogs next door, who of course, loved them. I'd say that's a pretty clear sign that he didn't like them, what do you think?

$60 later, we found out that he likes Crocs. I think.

Anybody else have this issue transitioning between seasons? Oh, the joys!


  1. Sorry about the shoes!!! I think duck tape sounds good! I might duck tape some utensils to Jack's hands so they'll stop flying across the room.

  2. We don't change shoes. Kayla wears the same Stride Rite sneakers (with her orthotics) all year. We tried to put boots on her in the winter, she wouldn't move. Just stood there like a statues. We tried sandals in the summer and she's just so thrilled that she can take them off! Same with water shoes for the pool or water part -- she just takes them off. Sigh.

  3. Sorry about the typos above, Kayla was up until 4:30AM, so I'm still not entirely coherent today!