Tuesday, June 30

The table that Tripp Trapp built

Okay, confession time. I have only one child with special needs. Only one who needed a "special" chair at the dinner table.

We have three.

When Will got his - paid for conveniently by another funding source - my oldest wanted it. Sat in it. ALL the time.

She got a Hipposmile for her birthday...similar model, different manufacturer. The quality is a bit less, but it was $100+ cheaper.

My littlest came home. We decided to use some of her birthday money and money left from a shower for her own Tripp Trapp.

Check them out. Will doesn't need a ton of help with positioning, but he does have low tone and needed some place to put his feet to "ground him" while eating. We LOVE ours.

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  1. We received our first Tripp Trapp when our oldest outgrew his high chair...he is now 30 years old, and that chair is now being used by Alex and the grandkids! We bought another along the way (lended out to friends), and have given three of them to Alex's class to use as computer chairs. We are big fans!