Wednesday, June 10

Love the Child Life department!

No WFMW this week. I am so tired.

The super duper improved version of Will now comes complete with a set of ear tubes. ;)

Our saving grace today was the Child Life department at the hospital. Every other surgery has consisted of us telling the anesthesiologist to pick whatever "flavor" of scented air they put in the mask. Will never cared. Today, the woman came in and let him smell them and pick one...all the while, I'm thinking...whatever! He still doesn't care.

However, she rubbed the scent he chose in a mask and had him "smell" it. This way, he got to feel the mask and put it on while he smelled it. Apparently I need to be a little less cynical.

Worked like a charm. He put the mask on with little to no fighting. A+ for the Child Life department and a big win for us.

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