Wednesday, June 24

The Weight Gain Battle

Sorry for the lack of Blog Talk posting yesterday. I *think* my computer is finally back up to speed!

We have tried almost everything we can think of to fatten Will help him gain weight. He has a feeding tube, so one would think it would be easy, but even when we were actively using the tube, he had a very difficult time. He has not gained weight in about a year's time. Since then, we stopped using the feeding tube (about 6 months now) and he is eating everything in sight. With no weight gain, much like the prior 6 months with the tube.

It makes no sense. We know all of the easy tricks. For some reason, I just don't think his body absorbs it properly. We assume he has a high metabolism.

For those who are curious, whipping cream, heavy cream, butter, olive oil, and avocado are great additives to food that you are boosting for calories. Carnation Instant Breakfast is good to add to milk, and I know that some make "super milk" by adding powdered milk to whole milk to boost it as well.

Any other ideas to add to this list? What are your tricks for weight gain?


  1. Alex has managed to gain back most of the nearly 20 pounds he dropped when he stopped eating last fall. His diet (when he gets his way) consists of soy yogurt, Goldfish pretzels, chicken fingers, Silk soy milk, and garlic biscuits from Red Lobster (I buy the Bisquik version). Eating that alone, he can put on weight. Of course...he can easily eat 6 biscuits a day, and each one packs about 160 calories and 7 grams of fat. I have to draw the line and make him eat a banana instead. He has recently begun to slow down his eating again, and I fear another total food rejection may be coming on.

  2. Well oxygen is the only thing that has worked for Wesley...but obviously not everyone gets the handy dandy oxygen concentrator in there house.

    And even that, basically just cought him up and kept him stable.

    Sorry I'm no help.

    I can tell you for's what she drinks that packs on the pounds.