Monday, June 22

The Roller Coaster of Life

Up and down, up and down. Over and over and over.

Last night, I took all three kids to the pool so that we could give their dad a much needed break for Father's Day. My oldest is a breeze...ran off to swim and play with her friends in the shallow end. I took the youngest two to the baby pool.

It has a locking gate. Baby proofed. Will and my 18 month old merely laughed at the lock. (Fine motor delay, my a$$!) Apparently, while up in the middle of the night, the two of them conspire ways to scatter at separate times, in different directions. Neither one wanted to play in the baby pool where they've been content for weeks now.

And how about that awesome 15 minutes at the end of every hour where adults can swim alone in the big pool? Surely it was meant to cause meltdowns in children. I know someone, somewhere was laughing at me every 45 minutes when the whistle blew.

It was a down moment.

Today, I took all three kids to Will's social group therapy. When he came out, the therapists were pleased with his progress.

We came home and ate, and much to my amazement, Will took over my lunch of brown rice, lentils and veggies, and ate half of it in addition to his ravioli and cheese cubes. He then pulled his younger sister (the one who he barely tolerated for the first several months she was home) into my bedroom to play.

Back up the hill. What a great morning!

Most days, I'm willing to sit back and enjoy the ride. Sometimes, though, it is all I can do to manage the hills on the way down. I'm hoping we can finish our day on the up.

How was Father's Day in your house? Here's hoping all of the men in our kids' lives had a special day!

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