Wednesday, June 17

WANTED: Potty Training Advice

There we are...Will and mom. Laughing and happy as I tickle him during our Littlest Heroes photo session.

Now that you have that visual picture, I'd like to pose a question. Does anyone have ANY idea on how I can potty train this kid?

Suggestions? Please? (Now picture me begging.)


  1. Drink a lot. That advice goes for any boys being potty trained... Cam is scared of the potty. Ideas for that? Shan

  2. Sure actually when it came time for me to train my daughter i used a potty training kit that was recommended to me by one of my friends by Joy Berry. It worked great for me and heres a link so you can get some more information

  3. We had about given up with Alex. The teachers at his first school (the ones who were supposed to be so well trained!) had him terrified of the toilet, and he seemed to have no idea that he could control that stream of pee. Then we found the "Potty Queen" at his next school. This lady can train anyone! When she told us she would have him trained in no time, we laughed and told her if she did, we would throw a party for the class. She had him trained in under two weeks from that day. He was 6 years old, and we had tried for years. We threw a party for the class. She is amazing. I'm sure she would be happy to share her ideas with you.

  4. Heather,
    What worked for Cate was to let her go naked waist down...and put a potty chair (or bucket w/potty seat) in which ever room she spent the most time in.(livingroom in front of the TV). When we go outside...the bucket comes with us. I started at making her go each hour setting the timer on my stove, then once I figured out how often she really went, then we spaced it out a little bit. It has taken over a month to get her to the point of going by herself...and now we are regressing a little bit, but we will get back on track. Try every suggestion for at least a week.... It took us til the 4th idea to get something that worked well for Cate. Good luck!!!!!!!